My favorite animal 英语作文


My favorite Animals are snakes. Because I think snakes are slowly and funny. Snakes are a kind of reptile, because they have scales, they lay eggs. Why I think snakes are funny? Because snake is a reptile with no legs and snakes lay eggs and eat eggs! How funny they are! The snake is not only funny and slowly. They also dangerous, a rattlesnake can make a person died. The most dangerous snake lives in Australia. It is as dangerous as fifty cobra snakes. It can make an elephant died. If it bites an adult, he will die in a few second. A Boa snake is as big as a ten or eleven years old child. It can kill a person in thirty seconds. It is very big, but they dosen’t live in China. They live in Africa. A snake is dangerous, but it’s slowly. They can’t kill a running person. So I think the snake is dangerous, funny and slowly.


My favorite animal is a dog.I like it very much.Because it is not only very lovely,but also very helpful.It is white and small.It lives in my brother's home.I sometimes take it to a park for a work.And I give it some food.At the weekend,I’ll helpit take a bath.This is my favorite animal ----a beautiful and lovely dog.


My favorite animal are dolphins. Dolphins are friendly. They like to play with people and eat fish. They can swim very fast. They live in the sea. Dolphins are kind of interesting. So I like dolphins very much.


This is a koala. She is my favorite animal. She is from Australia. She is very cute, but she is kind of ugly. I think they are friendly. She sleeps during the day, and at night gets up and eats leaves. So she is very lazy.

I love her very much. What about you?


This is Tony. He is seven years old. He is from China. He is yellow and black. He looks like a cat. He eats meat and runs fast. He is the king of the forest. He is very strong, but he’s very scary. So please be very quiet.


Do you like pandas? Well, I like pandas very much. They come from China. They are black and white, and they look very cute. But they are very shy, so please be very quiet. They like to eat bamboo leaves.

I love pandas. Aren’t they cute?


My favorite animal are pandas. And I like Ling ling. She is three years old. She is from China. It’s black and white. She’s very beautiful, but she’s very shy. And she likes eating bamboos very much. What a cute panda! I love Ling ling, and I love other pandas, too.


My favorite animel is kangaroo because it is very fast.

The kangaroo live in Australa.The kangaroo are very  good at jumping .They like to eat leaves. The mather kangaroo pouch . The baby kangaroo can live in it. for about 5 to 6 months.

kangaroo is very smart. They can run very fast. I like them very much .What about you? what's your favorite animel?


My favorte animal is panda.

He has two black ears,two black eyes,a round face, a small nose and a small mouth.He has a white body,but his legs and arms are black .  his favorite food is bamboo.

I like pandas very much. Because they are very cute.


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