My Favourite City


Beijing is the capital city of china .There are many risitors in Beijing every year.Beijing is famous for the Tianan men Square,the Summer Palace and Beijing Duck.

last year,I went to Beijing with my parents.We went there by plane .We stayed there for eight days I ate Beijing Duck every day.It is very delicious. But  it is very expensive .i risited the Summer Palace and the Beijing zoo.The Beijing zoo is very intere sting .The are many monkeys there.

Beijing is very interesting.I love Berjing,What about you?


My favorite city is Beijing. It is a beautiful city.There is many visitors there.I went to Beijing in the summer vacation with my parents. Beijing is in the north of China.It’s hot in summer. It’s famous for Beijing Ducks. They’re delicious. And we visited the Summer Palace. It was so fun. I love Beijing.


My favourite city is Shanghai, which is one of the biggest cities in the world. Shanghai is a modern city, and it’s also my hometown. There are many places of interest in Shanghai, such as the Bund,Yu Garden and Nanjing Road. Tourists can enjoy shopping in Shanghai, and having local snacks as well. The night views of Shanghai is fantastic, you can watch the beautiful lights and you can also take a ferry to visit the Huang pu River. As you can see, Shanghai is such a great city that I love it so much.


Sanya is my favorite city in China. Sanya is in Hainan.Sanya is famous for beautiful sea,seafood and so hot. Seafood have fish oysters shrimp, crab and so on.It's delicious.You can swim in the sea and pick up seashells on the beach.It's very fun.I like Sanya very much!


Shanghai is my favourite city in China. It's the biggest cities in China with an area of 6,340square kilometers and a population of 23.48 million. Moreover, Shanghai is the central city of our country. It's the center of economy, technology, industry, finance and tradecentre.


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